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Save an hour a day on team communication with Grape Start chatting

Your files at your fingertips with Dropbox and ChatGrape

We are proud to announce the new Dropbox integration for ChatGrape !


The fastest way to Dropbox

Access your files by hitting the hashtag button on your keyboard!

Finding your files in Dropbox and sharing them with your colleagues is now easier than ever. Autocomplete file names and find your Dropbox files right from your chat window!


We also wanted to go even further than bringing your files to autocomplete.

Never miss on what is happening in your folders

Here are the events you get notifications for with Dropbox folders:

  • A file was created;
  • A file was deleted;
  • A file was edited;
  • A file has been moved/renamed
  • And many others…

Enjoy the most awesome Dropbox integration!

The ChatGrape team.

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